Bikini model Melani Rose

During my time in Sitges at the UjENA Bikini Jam I had the opportunity to shoot with 21 years old bikini model Melani Rose. She is a lovely model, easy to work with and one of the funniest girls at the Jam. I would recommend to work with her if you ever get the chance. Melani currently living in Jacksonville Florida USA.

20080505 roberthammarcom  melani rose 160621 Bikini model Melani Rose
20080506 roberthammar 05691 Bikini model Melani Rose
20080504 02212 Bikini model Melani Rose
20080505 roberthammar  02382 Bikini model Melani Rose
20080505 roberthammar  04491 Bikini model Melani Rose
20080509 roberthammar 00952 Bikini model Melani Rose

pixel Bikini model Melani Rose

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  1. ClaudiaClaudia07-02-2008

    This girl is BEAUTIFUL inside and OUT! I am biased–she IS MY daughter.

  2. Robert HammarRobert Hammar07-02-2008

    Claudia, I’m glad that you like the picutes of your daugther. She is very fun to work with. She looks great, and I think you look great to as you are her mother.



  3. KennethKenneth09-27-2009

    Even though i over a year late in replying to this, I’m glad to see Melani has come a long way since her dancing days.

  1. melani rose07-07-08

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