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Yesterday I visited gold- and silversmith Claes Nyström in his home to make some photographs of his creations. I thought it would be a couple hours of work but it turned out to be 10 hours continious work. Not because of problem with taking pictures, it was rather it was so many products Claes wanted me to take pictures of. As he states on his website “There is also a high quality selection of jewellery, ornaments and utility objects for sale“. The products were very nice, and also the models I had the pleasure to work with. We all had a great time, and actually I enjoyed to spend the time with Nyströms family.

I brought my gear with me, and I setup a studio in Nyströms livingroom. Here below is one of the photos we took, straight out from the camera with no post-work. I used two Canon Speedlite 580EX II as a mainlight, and two Speedlite as a rimlights. Claes assisted me with reflectors.

claes nystrom by roberthammar Studio photography on location

pixel Studio photography on location

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  1. james garciajames garcia03-03-2009

    nice use of the black background to match her dress. very good

  2. Robert HammarRobert Hammar03-03-2009

    Thank you Grace! The shot was taken at silversmith living room.



  3. Tack för tipset med extrablixt. jag har ingen men det är nog dags att skaffa nu. Ljuset är ju oerhört viktigt förbra fpoton.
    tack än en gång!
    Ha en fin torsdag!

  4. Robert HammarRobert Hammar03-12-2009

    Ingen orsak Birgitta! Att slå blixtljuset rakt på det man fotograferar brukar oftast ge rätt dåligt resultat, men om du sprider ljuet så får du bättre kvalité på ljuset.

    För en tid sedan tipsade jag Bengt på Bild och Foto hur man kan få bättre kvalité på ljuset med hjälp av ett kaffefilter. Du kan läsa mer om idén på Bild och Foto.



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