UjENA Top 6 photographer Brian Williams

All the great photographers I have met have all been very open and cooperation, and so is the UjENA talent photographer Brian Williams. The glamour photographer Brian Williams is located in Califorina USA. I had the honor to spend one hole week with him in Sitges Spain at the UjENA Bikini Jam. We get along at very first moment as we met. The team was set with Brian, Johan and me. Brian was excellent with booking models and he really filled our calendar for the week. It was easier to work with controlled hard light when we could help each other with the lightning. Our concept worked out really good. It became that we all three succeeded to place our self as top six photographers in the weeks UjENA talent competition in Sitges 2008.

Brian Williams and he staff models are going to visit us next summer in Stockholm. Contact Brian if you are interested in working with Brian next summer. Go and check out his website, Brian Williams Photography for more information or his MySpace. We had a wonderful time together in Spain, and I’m looking forward to met him again next summer.

First two pictures are some pictures I took of Brian. Next following three pictures are taken by photographer Brian Williams himself.

Photo Brian Williams

Photo Brian Williams

Photo Brian Williams

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