Tölö in Helsinki Finland

I and my daughters visited the Sibelius park this evening and the Sibelius monument in the park. My idea was that I would get some good pictures of the monument, but I did not find a good camera angle so I will have an other try. I think I return at a sunrise instead.

Near the park is a pleasant cafe in Edsviken, Töölö. Café Regatta, which is quoted in today’s Hufvudstadsbladet is a quite incredible hospitable cafe. Unfortunately, I was out of cash so we may instead visit the place at a different time, even if we were offered to pay at a later date. Quite remarkable pleasant 115-years old place that offers everything from sausages bbq to a cup of coffee. Finally, I give a rose to the entire staff of café for the warm welcome.

28062008 sibelius 0001 Tölö in Helsinki Finland

28062008 sibelius 0002 Tölö in Helsinki Finland

28062008 sibelius 0003 Tölö in Helsinki Finland

28062008 sibelius 0005 Tölö in Helsinki Finland

pixel Tölö in Helsinki Finland

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