Architectural Photography

I’m playing around with light and composition of architectural photography and specially real estates. It has been really cloudy here in Helsinki so it’s not so easy to find days with nice sunny weather. But yesterday the sun looked thrue the clouds.

I’m more used to edit and retouch portraits of women and haven’t done so much retouching of landscapes photos with buildings. Should I clone off the electric cables in the pictures?

20080715 roberthammar helsinki 03 Architectural Photography

20080715 roberthammar helsinki 04 Architectural Photography

20080715 roberthammar vanda 02 Architectural Photography

20080715 roberthammar vanda Architectural Photography

pixel Architectural Photography

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  1. Peter KorkalaPeter Korkala07-18-2008

    Nice photos, I love the blue tones (and the light) in the first and the last ones.

    And I don’t think you should edit out the cables – if you don’t have a specific reason for doing so. I think it’s ok to alter the saturation and color tones, but when you’re coming to manipulate photos by adding and cutting I think you should be very restrictive. That’s only my personal opinion, and I’m certainly not a proffessional – but you asked. 🙂

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