Jumbo in Vantaa Finland

Jumbo shopping mall by night. When I look at the photos under the heading Shops at Jumbo’s website, I get the feeling that it is a very empty shopping centre. What kind of feeling do you get? I can attest that the traffic is higher than what the pictures says. We live only a block from the mall.

Jumbo Shopping mall

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  1. Peter KorkalaPeter Korkala07-18-2008

    Another great photo! I’m very fond of dusk photos.
    I can agree that the Jumbo Mall seems very empty on the photos. 🙂

    I saw the photo of the Sofiero can on your page about the flash course. I’ve worked at the brewery where the beer is brewed (Kopparbergs Brewery) for about six years, but on Tuesday next week I’m going to begin on a new job.

  2. Robert HammarRobert Hammar07-18-2008

    Thanks Peter for the comment. In first place I uploaded the picture of the beer can on my old blog. I did a search about Sofiero and found a Swedish hompage and titel Fulöl (ugly beer) so I title that post Fullösning (ugly solution) because I used empty ice cream boxes when lightning the product.

    Good luck with your new job, I hope everything goes well.

    All my best!


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