Lycky wedding shot?

After last Saturdays wedding I uploaded a wedding picture to Flickr taken in Pyhän Laurin Kirkko, Helsinge church in Vantaa Finland. 3 January 2009 of the bride couple Sanna and Ryan. More pictures in previous post. Wow what a reaction of that photo, and that is so flattering to get. First when I saw it I thought it was a looser, but after I convertet it to black and white the picture draw my attention. You might think, what about that? You might get a couple of seconds just to grab that shot, and within that couple of seconds you have to get the composition, focus and angle right. I didn’t have to think about my exporuse when I had pre-adjusted all the settings when I was in manual. Inspired of FlashFlavor Matt Adcocks article NO flash photography during ceremony… I have tried to do something similar but better. I now I think I might got it, or what do you prefer?

I’m going to have a workshop in flash photography in Stockholm and in Gothenburg end of next month. At my class I will show how I did it, but if you are a bride couple you can for sure trust I will make a even better picture next time, with your help.

You will find the picture below in following Flickr groups:

Svenska Fotografer

Flash Flavor

Better Than Good

Legendary Pictures

Wedding photo by Robert Hammar

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  1. Stina BjurströmStina Bjurström01-10-2009

    Detta är nog en av de vackraste bröllopsbilder jag sett! Ljuset framhäver klänningens vackra material på ett underbart sätt, och man får en fin känsla för stämningen!

  2. Robert HammarRobert Hammar01-10-2009

    Tack Stina det var snällt sagt. Värmer verkligen.

    Bästa hälsningar!


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