My favorite portrait of Kreeta

A few years ago, I took portraits of Kreeta. She would use the pictures in a model portfolio. The picture below, I took it near the Railway Square (in Swedish Järnvägstorget, in Finnish Rautatientori) in central Helsinki, Finland. At first, we stood on the opposite side of the tunnel once before this picture was taken. But then I saw the light pouring in from a window above, which separated the shadow and a dark frame appeared. Kreeta placed herself in context and on the opposite side of her, I placed a reflector screen to light up the shadow side of her. I took the picture with my Canon EOS 5D.

In my portrait course I teach how I think when I take my portraits. The course is available only in Swedish. Next start for the course “Ta kontroll över ditt porträttfoto!” is 4 February, check it out.

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pixel My favorite portrait of Kreeta

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