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Ta kontroll över ditt porträttfoto start 6 maj | Robert Hammar Photography | Fotograf Stockholm Uppsala Helsingfors


Ta kontroll över ditt porträttfoto start 6 maj

Ta kontroll över ditt porträttfoto är en av de fyra aktiva fotokurser jag håller i på Bild och Foto. Den absolut populäraste kursen är kamerakursen Ta kontroll över din kamera som drar i snitt 10 kursdeltagare per månad.

I fotokursen Ta kontroll över ditt porträttfoto hjälper jag dig att utvecklas till en bättre porträttfotograf. Det är inte så att du får lära dig att kopiera min stil utan jag får dig att utveckla din egen stil. Jag har varit med om samma utveckling genom att studera hur andra gör och tänker. Jag har mycket att tacka bröllopsfotograferna Paul F Gero och  Brigitte Grenfeldt samt modefotografen Bruce Smith som har hjälpt mig i min utveckling. De är fotografer som jag har fortfarande har kontakt med. Andra fotografer som har betytt väldigt mycket för mig vilka även har hjälpt mig i min utveckling av porträttfotografering är Ibarionex R. Perello och Scott Stulberg som båda tar helt underbara bilder.

Conny Sturesson är kursdeltagare i april månads kurs. Conny skriver till mig…. “Hej Robert och tack för tipsen, du har en strålande förmåga att uttrycka dig på ett sätt man verkligen förstår! Självklart får du uppmärksamma den på din blogg.“…när jag frågar honom om jag får lägg upp hans helt suveräna bild på min blogg.

Det är min förhoppning att jag i min tur ska kunna hjälpa dig att utvecklas som porträttfotograf. Vi kanske ses på någon kurs som börjar 6 maj, läs om fotokurserna här.


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Robert HammarRobert Hammar is a international award winning wedding photographer based in Helsinki Vantaa Finland. Wedding photography service with an studio on location world wide.View all posts by Robert Hammar →

  1. BengtBengt04-22-2009

    Härligt porträtt. Mycket bra kontakt med modellen. Väl vald bakgrund med fin kontrast mot klädseln. Det är lätt att överexponera en sån här bild. Du ligger precis rätt med fina högtoner.

    Jag tipsade om ett bra knep att använda spotmetering när man har ljuset litet bakifrån. http://www.thedigitalstory.com/blog/2009/04/spot_meter_plus_back.html

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    To help you eliminate acne breakouts, it’s crucial to help keep your experience clear, but not also thoroughly clean. Excessive cleaning can aggravate the face and bring about far worse epidermis issues. It’s advisable to rinse your face prior to your bed and each day, and only let it sit by yourself the other time.
    Even when you are planning a prolonged continue in a foreign region, there are several things you need to leave, largely as a protective determine. Belongings such as jewelry, are safer at home compared to what they are abroad. Even though the need to bring a prompt of home with you is clear, don’t take emotional a treadmill-of-a-type items that can’t get replaced. Eliminate pointless, yet essential goods from your pocket, which includes charge cards that you simply don’t require plus your Social Safety card.
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    To get a delighted pup, you should start socializing from a young age. In the course of the first months of daily life, a dog must be in contact with new scenarios, men and women, and wildlife. This will assist him being far better adjusted and friendlier later in life. This can also make certain that he will really feel much less emphasized when experiencing not familiar situations and points.
    You need to uncover the skill of area “harvesting.” The easiest method to measure the professional house is by studying the area in which it really is located. You can do this by attending open up houses, conversing with the neighborhood managers and retaining an vision out for a myriad of vacancies.
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    One of the better techniques in order to relieve a person that has been told you have malignancy is to purposely tune in to what they say. Paying attention to someone might sound effortless yet it is tougher than it appears. Having said that, you should not interrupt and hear what they need to say with not simply your ears however with your eyes and the entire body too.
    In order to assist in preventing hairloss, ensure you are getting adequate healthy proteins in your diet. To help keep your your hair as healthier as you can, try to eat a good amount of protein-wealthy food items as often as possible. Some really good resources for food items rich in health proteins incorporate eggs, fish and shellfish, coffee bean sprouts, almonds, and sea food.
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    You really should avoid receiving household pets, particularly those with longer hair, for those who have asthma attack. For most people, pet dander and hair is amongst the significant activates of bronchial asthma attacks. If you truly want to have a pet, try to obtain one with short hair or have an water wildlife, similar to a seafood.
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    When choosing games for younger kids, be sure you examine the label on an ESRB score. The ESRB or Leisure Computer software Score Table is definitely an business that creates ratings for online games based on their content. These rankings consist of a message or words that match a particular age group, such as E for anyone or T for teenager. This can help you prevent buying games that have content which is not ideal for what their age is.
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    If you cannot afford to pay for insurance coverage, you can attempt a few things to have the medical therapy you want. Several says supply insurance coverage to certified men and women, in addition to centers, offering take care of a moving scale cost. The funds that you preserve, can offer you the ability to get medical insurance later on.
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    Observe the horizon facial lines inside your photographs. You need to make sure that they are fully right in order for your chance to look right. Should they be uneven or slanted, it will look like this issue issue crooked. That makes you look incapable of a directly photo, so spend some time to ensure your horizons are direct.
    Protect yourself from illness carrying ticks during your camping outdoors journey. Generally dress yourself in lighting-colored garments during forest areas to ensure ticks can be simply observed. Look at the entire body commonly for ticks through the day. Make use of a tick repellant to dissuade ticks and also other biting bugs. Tuck your slacks into the socks for added defense.
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    Just before arranging with any sort of physician for the surgical treatment, speak with before people. These past sufferers are the greatest chance to understand the caliber of a doctor, and also the support you will receive. Request the operating specialist for many patient’s references, or look into the online for online community content associated with affected individual experiences with your certain physician.

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    In case you have space, take into account putting in a raised bed furniture within your back garden. A raised bed furniture stops earth compaction from people stepping on the dirt. Brought up mattresses also provide greater drainage for the vegetation, letting beginnings to breathe better. An additional advantage is that you could management the garden soil quality far better inside a elevated bed.
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    Usually do not trust the look of the photograph on your own camera’s Liquid crystal screen. Any picture which you take and look at over a a couple of inches screen is going to appear well-defined. Should you be taking a photo that you just do not need to take the potential for messing up, focus in and look closely at every pixel to be sure that it really is as you want that it is.
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    With diabetes, whenever you can sleep at night constantly but never ever really feel relaxed, chat this above with your medical professional. Worn out emotions can be pinpointed to particular medications, higher blood vessels sugar, or even depression. When you are able fully grasp where by your exhausted sensing is arising from, it will be simpler to simply accept it as a area- outcome or consider correct steps to help tackle the brings about.
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    A common concern new mothers and fathers have is how to figure out when their child is able to be potty educated. Initial, to use the potty, your son or daughter very much have certain expertise. For example, they should be able to take away their clothing, they should have a certain amount of control of their kidney and bowel movements. Next, your child should be able to connect just in case there are any problems. If your kid can do everything, the best way to begin is to model the appropriate activities for that youngster and exercise with them.
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    Look at a soil-supply heat pump motor for your own home. A terrain resource temperature push uses the continual temperature from the terrain as a way to temperature and cool the home. The floor temp will probably be milder in comparison to the air flow in winter but chillier in the summertime, creating for highly successful warmth exchange.
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    Package your insurance costs to save cash. Buying your homeowner’s insurance plan in the identical firm through which you get your automobile insurance or Recreational vehicle insurance policy may result in a drastically discounted insurance policy. However, don’t purchase a terrible policy based on a deduction. Look around and make certain that the fee for the merged coverage is under two individual plans at an additional company.
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    Don’t beverage alcoholic beverages prior to going to bed. The really reason you may well be lured to experience a nighttime drink, because you desire to relax, can cause you to snore loudly. Once your muscle groups chill out due to the liquor, so do your oxygen passages. As the air passages become constrained, you snore.
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    Apply mist over the face once you have your makeup products employed. It is going to set the makeup and maintain it in which it must be much longer. It is a excellent method to use in case you have an extensive time in front of you like when it is your wedding day or you have a particular date in the evening planned.
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    If you suffer from from zits, attempt to pay attention to stuff that may possibly move germs in your problem areas. As an example, be sure you thoroughly clean your cell phone regularly should you tend to carry it from the face. This will aid avoid individuals unneeded outbreaks, and guide you one step closer to problem-free epidermis!
    These days, photography is definitely an incredibly well-known interest that is certainly becoming more popular. The interest in video cameras which takes great images for private use is quite a few. The time has come to make the most of it. Below are great tips which can be used to help you began with your digital photography programs.
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    Go on a great actual schooling program. University typically will keep men and women associated with the desk. Bodily schooling will help you to help keep you healthful. It helps to actually maintain your health. Whilst emotional exercise is very important, so is actual. Maintaining them both suit will ensure that you have a properly-rounded life-style.
    If you are considering ingesting what you found, you must keep your fish as refreshing as you can. Take a cooler or a live properly together with you and fill it up with h2o through the lake. Provided you can, will not kill your grabs till later. When a fish dies, put it within a different cooler full of chilly h2o.
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    An incredible suggestion which can help to you maintain your stress levels downward would be to take a popular bath tub. The hot h2o can make you sense peaceful and you’ll forget about all your problems. Taking a very hot bathtub might help maintain your pressure in balance and it’s one thing that can be done each day.
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    Relying upon electronic devices, like pcs, can be a very bad thing. Sure they may be excellent tools to use to teach your children from your home, but what do you do if there seemed to be to be a issue with them? Make use of them, but have option teaching approaches prepared in case your laptop or computer passes away and you will be downward for a while.
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    After putting together your e-zine for your personal website, put the articles you write on the automobile-responding installation! This can be a terrific way to produce fascination with your articles by providing it right to your subscribed target audience. You may website link the content back to their initial spot on your own internet site so customers can share this content with other people.
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