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Bikini slideshow posted at YouTube

“Hi Robert, your blog is so much about you and about your pictures.” I’ve got that question couple a month ago, what can I say. Yes, I do my best to market myself, I use all the resources I can use so you can find me. I do photography of two reasons, first of all I love doing it, secondly …

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A day with the supermodel Erika Renee Leyva

Couple a weeks ago I made a presentation of the great supermodel Erika Renee Leyva from USA. I met the young good looking bikini model in Sitges Spain last month. You are able to read the story about Erikas and our day in Sitges on her blog at My Space. Read Erikas full post here.

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UjENA Top 6 photographer Brian Williams

All the great photographers I have met have all been very open and cooperation, and so is the UjENA talent photographer Brian Williams. The glamour photographer Brian Williams is located in Califorina USA. I had the honor to spend one hole week with him in Sitges Spain at the UjENA Bikini Jam. We get along at very first moment as …

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Last presentation of all the UjENA models, Isela Palacios

Mexcian based UjENA model Iseal Palacios is last out of all the models I worked with during my visit in Sitges at the UjENA Bikini Jam 2008. Isela was the very first model I worked with during my 9 days stay in Spain. Isela is 30 years old woman from Mexico, and if you watch TV from Mexico you might …

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Rabecca Lee UjENA model and a mother

Southern Rabecca Lee is a proud 32 years old mother of two young boys, and she is also a talent UjENA model. Rabecca was one of six models who went to Barcelona with our team of Brian, Johan and me. We went to Barcelona for a days shooting and with as we had tv-team from Telemundo.

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Erika Leyva a talent model at UjENA

Erika Leyva born in Brownsville, Texas USA but she has lived in Southern California most of her life. She love to travel and see the world. Model Erika is interested in doing commercial work, fashion, sport, lingerie, glamour, runway, casual, swimwear, film. web. and advertising. I met Erika in Sitges Spain 2008 during UjENA Bikini Jam, and she is a …

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UjENA talent model Evan

I met UjENA talent model Evan in Stiges during UjENA Bikini Jam 2008. Evan is 27 years old and she is located in Raleigh NC USA. She is a very outgoing person with lots of experience. What was nice of her is that she took good care of other models too.

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UjENA talen model Karen Ladouceur

UjENA talent model Karen Ladouceur is a very sweet good looking model. 26 years old Karen is located in Santa Barbara CA USA. In addition to modeling and when she is not in front of any camera, Karen work as an English instructor. It was very nice to work with a talent model as Karen, I do hope our paths …

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UjENA talen model Elizabeth Leigh Sullivan

Next model up is 26 years old Elizabeth Leigh Sullivan. Elizabeth has a very pretty smile, and it’s easy to smile too when you see hers pictures. A pretty talent girl from Covington TN USA.

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UjENA talent model Rebecca Frichette

Mansfield MA USA based model Rebecca Frichette is 23 years old. Rebecca was one of six girls we took to Barcelona for a day photo shooting. We had fun time together in Barcelona, and we came out with some great shots. You can find Rebecca on MySpace.

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Mimi UjENA Talent model during Spain visit

I met Mimi in Sitges and we were out for a day photo shooting. Mimi make her living as a nurce in Chicago IL USA, and she has just recently started with modeling. Here is some pictures of her from our shooting.

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Jennifer Smithline as Jill at UjENA

Next up of all the UjENA models I worked with during my week in Sitges Spain is Jaco Costa Rica based Jennifer Smithline. She is 29 years old and you will find her as Jill at UjENA Talent website. She do very well for fashion styled photos, as you can see here below.

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UjENA staff model Sharony

22 years old Sharony was one of the staff models for UjENA in Sitges Spain. Sharony is located in Leiden Netherlands. As for all of the staff models she was very easy to work with and I’ve got some fantastic pictures of her. In Netherlands Sharony is a sunglasses model for Ralph Vaessen.

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UjENA model Sumatra

Sumatra 39 years old female model, great for fashion work. I really enjoyed working with her. Sumatra is located in Jacksonville FL United States. One of the best pictures I had at UjENA Jam is with Sumatra. It was great time to work with her, I which it could have been more.

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UjENA staff model Crystal

Crystal is 25 years old and she is one of the staff models at UjENA. She is a very talent and beautiful model. Recently she have started with acting, and I’m for sure that she will be very well in her new carrier as a professional actress. Crystal was very easy going in front of my camera, here are some …

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UjENA staff model Nicole in Sitges Spain

21 years old UjENA staff model Nicole live in Portland, USA. She got into the modeling business past year, and she loves every single moment of it. Nicole is a easy going model and here is some shots of her.

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Hostess of Telemundo Leti Coo

At the UjENA bikini Jam in Spain I had the opportunity to photograph the hostess of Telemundo Leti Coo. Telemundo is a division of NBC Universal. Our shooting was recorded on film by a nice photographer Carlos Garcia, and what I’ve been told the our photo session will be on TV today on Sunday 18th of May. The TV-team joined …

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UjENA staff model Jessica

The UjENA staff models were very easy going, and nice to work with. Jessica is one of UjENA staff models and she is very easy to work with. If you ever have had a chance to work with her then you probably know what I’m talking about. Jessica is located in Idaho USA and she is 25 years old. If …

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Bikini model Skye Connelly

Skye Connelly 22 years female bikini model is a fabulous model from Colorado Springs USA. I had the privileges to shoot her couple of times. And now when I’m back from Sitges in Spain I can see that I’ve got the best shots of her in very beginning of every session, the very first picture. Last pictures is my favorite, …

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UjENA Staff model Martha

Martha is a staff model at UjENA, and she is a good looking 35 years old women. Here are some photographs of Martha from the UjENA Bikini Jam in Sitges Spain. Most of the photos was taken at the early morning sun without any light modifiers.

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